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Sending a traditional case

(Please note: If you have not yet opened an account with us click here to do so prior to sending your first case)

Step 1: Download and complete our prescription form

  • Download our prescription form. We kindly request that you completely fill out the prescription form, checking all required boxes, and providing all relevant details and information to ensure your specifications are met.

  • To order hard copy prescription forms, peel and stick shipping labels, and additional shipping supplies, please visit our contact page. 

Step 3: Get your case to our laboratory

  • We offer complimentary courier service to our partners located in the Tampa Bay Area. Click the link to the right to schedule your local case pick-up today.

  • For our partners located outside Tampa Bay, you can easily request a FedEx shipping label be sent directly to your email. You can also request peel-and-stick labels to be mailed to you by visiting our contact page.

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