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Sending a digital case

Add us as a CEREC Connect Case Center Favorite Contractor

  1. Access the link, and login with your Connect login credentials.​

  2. On the left hand side you will see the tab "Partner" and underneath access "My Favorite Contractor"

  3. Select the dropdown "Search Recipient

  4. Select "Search Direct"

  5. Type "PFD Digital Lab" in the "Name of Recipient" field and select "Start Search".

  6. Click the plus (+) sign and then select "Confirm".


(Please note: If you have not yet opened an account with us click here to do so prior to sending your first case)


Add us as an iTero Partner Lab

  1. Call iTero customer support at (800) 577-8767.

  2. Select option 1 when prompted.

  3. Request that PFD Digital Lab (29647) is added to your scanner.

  4. After PFD Digital Lab has been added, restart your scanner.

  5. After connecting to us as a lab, select PFD Digital Lab on your scanner to send files.

Send us STL files

We accept STL files from open intra-oral scanners (3M True Definition, Carestream, E4D, Lythos, Motion View, and more). Once you setup your account with us, one of our technical advisors can walk you through the process of exporting STL files from your specific scanner. We can also assist you with setting up a DropBox account to share those files easily with our laboratory. 

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