PFD Posterior Zirconia 

​Prescribe PFD Posterior Zirconia for a stronger, more natural-looking alternative to metal PFMs or full-cast crowns. At over 1100mpa PFD Posterior is ideal for bruxers, these shear resistant; all-zirconia crowns are designed and milled using Sirona CAD/CAM technology for accuracy and predictability, significantly reduce chair time.

The product is 100% metal-free, a feature that prevents gingival darkening and removes the possibility of exposing metallic margins if gum recession begins. They are naturally esthetic, transmit the color of adjacent teeth, and can be matched to any shade. Since traditional cementation is recommended, there is no need to bond the restoration.


  • Full Contour

  • 1100 Mpa Flexural Strength

  • High Translucency of 41%

  • Highly biocompatible

  • Super translucent esthetic zirconia

  • CAD/CAM milled for precise marginal fit

  • Milled from pre-shaded blanks for precise shading


  • Long-term reliability

  • Healthy tissue response

  • Synthetic ceramics for low wear

  • Better shading

  • Natural opalescence and translucency


  • Full-contour zirconia is so versatile, it can be used in almost any situation from singles, bridges with any combination of abutments and pontics, inlay bridges and screw-retained implants. Also an esthetic alternative to a PFM with metal occlusion due to limited space.


  • Not recommended for anterior crowns, bridges, or veneers in the esthetic zone due to opacity of the material

Preperation Guide

  • Incisal/Occlusal Reduction: 1.5 mm (2.0 mm for bridges)

  • Facial Reduction: 1.2 mm (1.5mm for bridges)

  • Cervial Reduction: 1.0 mm reduction with bevel or shoulder margin (knife edge margin is also suitable)

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