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PFD Layered ZR 


PFD Layered ZR is the ideal restoration material for cases where more translucency and vitality is needed than most materials can provide. The porcelain veneered on the labial and buccal surfaces enhances beauty while the solid zirconia in the biting areas eliminates the risk of porcelain fracture associated with Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Restorations. A boastful 1,200 MPa on biting surfaces makes this restoration ideal for patients with reduced vertical clearance or bruxers.



Features and Benefits 

  • Extremely strong for multi-unit bridges where IPS e.max cannot be used.

  • Layered with Noritake Porcelain

  • Beautiful, natural looking esthetics.

  • No concerns for “dark lines” at the gum.

  • No known allergies / sensitivities.

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