IPS e.max

This lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is the most esthetic of all-ceramic options and is highly customizable. It can be crafted as a full-contour monolithic or cut-back and layered with porcelain. IPS e.max® offers minimally invasive restorations. This restoration provides lifelike esthetics due to four levels of translucency and is fracture resistant with a strength of up to 500 MPa. The innovative lithium disilicate is 2.5 to 3 times stronger than other glass-ceramic options. This product also has additional impulse ingots for maximum flexibility. It is a reliable restorative solution that provides extreme beauty, longevity, and durability.



  • Extremely esthetic with beautiful translucence

  • 3 times stronger than Empress

  • 400 MPa flexural strength

  • Lithium Disilicate glass crystals

  • Can build on enamel porcelains

  • Metal free


  • Natural variations of color and translucency

  • Superb esthetics

  • Can be used anywhere in the mouth for single unit crown



  • Ideal for veneers, thin (no prep) veneers, anterior and posterior crowns, inlays/onlays, 3 unit anterior bridges, and 3 unit posterior bridges up to the second premolar as an abutment tooth



  • Bridge spans exceeding 3 units

  • Bridges beyond the second premolar as an abutment tooth

  • Not suitable for bruxers or patients with other occlusal dysfunction

Preperation Guide

  • For anterior crown: Reduction of 1.5-2.0mm at the incisal, 1.5mm lingual, 1.5-1.0mm facial, and 1mm-1.5mm at the cervical of the prep with a deep chamfer or shoulder finish

  • For veneers: 1.0-1.5mm facial reduction; thin veneers may require some reduction depending on the bulkiness or orientation of the tooth

  • For inlays and onlays: A shoulder margin with 1.5-2.0mm isthmus width is required, 1.5mm isthmus depth, and a 1.0-1.5mm isthmus floor

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